Multi-Level Graph Sketches via Single-Level Solvers [article]

Reyan Ahmed, Keaton Hamm, Mohammad Javad Latifi Jebelli, Stephen Kobourov, Faryad Darabi Sahneh, Richard Spence
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Given an undirected weighted graph G(V,E), a constrained sketch over a terminal set T⊂ V is a subgraph G' that connects the terminal vertices while satisfying a given set of constraints. Examples include Steiner trees (preserving connectivity among T) and subsetwise spanners (preserving shortest path distances up to a stretch factor). Multi-level constrained terminal sketches are generalizations in which terminal vertices require different levels or grades of service and each terminal pair is
more » ... nnected with edges of at least the minimum required level of the two terminals. This paper gives a flexible procedure for computing a broad class of multi-level graph sketches, which encompasses multi-level graph spanners, Steiner trees, and k–connected subgraphs as a few special cases. The proposed procedure is modular, i.e., it relies on availability of a single-level solver module (be it an oracle or approximation algorithm). One key result is that an ℓ–level constrained terminal sketch can be computed with logℓ queries of the solver module while producing feasible solutions with approximation guarantees independent of ℓ. Additionally, a new polynomial time algorithm for computing a subsetwise spanner is proposed. We show that for k∈, >0, and T⊂ V, there is a subsetwise (2k-1)(1+)–spanner with total weight O(|T|^1/kW((G,T))), where W((G,T)) is the weight of the Steiner tree of G over the subset T. This is the first algorithm and weight guarantee for a multiplicative subsetwise spanner for nonplanar graphs. Numerical experiments are also done to illustrate the performance of the proposed algorithms.
arXiv:1905.00536v2 fatcat:ynptxpg3engvdlsxww6kb66ar4