Scalable RDFS Reasoning using Logic Programming Approach in a Single Machine
단일머신 환경에서의 논리적 프로그래밍 방식 기반 대용량 RDFS 추론 기법

Batselem Jagvaral, Jemin Kim, Wan-Gon Lee, Young-Tack Park
2014 Journal of KIISE  
As the web of data is increasingly producing large RDFS datasets, it becomes essential in building scalable reasoning engines over large triples. There have been many researches used expensive distributed framework, such as Hadoop, to reason over large RDFS triples. However, in many cases we are required to handle millions of triples. In such cases, it is not necessary to deploy expensive distributed systems because logic program based reasoners in a single machine can produce similar reasoning
more » ... performances with that of distributed reasoner using Hadoop. In this paper, we 단일머신 환경에서의 논리적 프로그래밍 방식 기반 대용량 RDFS 추론 기법 763 propose a scalable RDFS reasoner using logical programming methods in a single machine and compare our empirical results with that of distributed systems. We show that our logic programming based reasoner using a single machine performs as similar as expensive distributed reasoner does up to 200 million RDFS triples. In addition, we designed a meta data structure by decomposing the ontology triples into separate sectors. Instead of loading all the triples into a single model, we selected an appropriate subset of the triples for each ontology reasoning rule. Unification makes it easy to handle conjunctive queries for RDFS schema reasoning, therefore, we have designed and implemented RDFS axioms using logic programming unifications and efficient conjunctive query handling mechanisms. The throughputs of our approach reached to 166K Triples/sec over LUBM1500 with 200 million triples. It is comparable to that of WebPIE, distributed reasoner using Hadoop and Map Reduce, which performs 185K Triples/sec. We show that it is unnecessary to use the distributed system up to 200 million triples and the performance of logic programming based reasoner in a single machine becomes comparable with that of expensive distributed reasoner which employs Hadoop framework.
doi:10.5626/jok.2014.41.10.762 fatcat:yojuqzsiwreelg33kuo2cw3pka