Analysis of Tear Fluid for Evaluation on the Concentration of the Generic Anti-Glaucoma Drug Betoptik using Multisensory Stripping Voltammetry and Multivariate Statistics

Kolesnichenko I. I., Balashova L. M.
2021 EPJ Web of Conferences  
It is important to monitor the concentration of drugs after their instillation: this helps to find the right drug dosages. The proposed method is based on recognizing multidimensional images through the use of multidimensional statistics; the images are produced by multisensory electrochemical systems that provide reliable information about the tested objects. The measurements were carried out using a planar solid-state electrode. The test-system solution was a 0.05 М KCl solution, which
more » ... ed the Zn2+, Cd2+, Рb2+, Cu2+ Со2+, and Hg2+ metal cations at the concentration of 5 10–5 M. A new electrochemical method for multisensory stripping voltammetry has been used to determine whether it is appropriate for determination of generic forms of the drug Betoptic, that is, Xonef, Betoftan, and Betalink EU in tear fluid. Measurements were carried out on a planar three-electrode interdigitated electrode. It has been shown that this method is effective for determination of the generics. The dynamics of changes in their concentrations over time were examined. After instillation of the generics in glaucoma patients, their concentrations in the Tear fluid remained unchanged within 12 h. The list of organic substances that can be determined by the method of multisensory stripping voltammetry has been extended.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/202124801005 doaj:3b0cc8883a2145f1b7d221c7d3f9ca0c fatcat:ksoli5aouzevhagolp2xb26une