Transformation of gender characteristics women teachers in the process of professional activities

R.R. Khalfina, I.R. Khokh, O.N. Khakhlova, A.I. Savenkov, Limited Liability Company "Engineering Centre The Best Available Technologies"
2020 SHS Web of Conferences  
The teaching profession is one of the oldest professions on earth. The role of the teacher was performed only by smart and talented people, who from time immemorial were only men. The teacher at all times had an important task, which was to educate a worthy younger generation and transfer the accumulated experience to it. Currently, there is a feminization of education, that is, the role of a teacher is performed mainly by women, mainly feminine. The very same pedagogical activity "requires"
more » ... m a specialist such qualities as dedication, energy and the ability to lead, which are traditionally male. Under the influence of professional requirements, the personality of the employee changes, which entails his deformation, which also leads to a decrease in the efficiency of labor activity and disturbances in everyday life. Many authors are of the opinion that the whole personality is characterized not by masculinity or femininity, but by androgyny. It is understood as the unification of the female emotional-expressive style and the male instrumental style of activity, freedom of bodily expressions and preferences from the rigid dictate of gender roles. Such a personality is considered to be more adaptive. In the course of our research, we found that feminine teachers prevail among modern women educators. In the group with more than 26 years of teaching experience there are more of them than in the other two groups, while in the group with 16 to 25 years of experience they are the least. Masculinity is observed only in the group with experience from 0 to 15 years, and then in a small amount. The number of androgynous female teachers is predominant in all three groups.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20208700067 fatcat:dyf2r4lnandqdo277nwuyz7tj4