The quest for the holy grail: The quest for the divine or the quest to transcend a moral code?

Burçin Erol
1990 Hacettepe Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi  
div . 1ne lan& it However, th~I}aq-attv-es . deaımg with the Quest of the O~~howthat th,equeştisnot~?~th,esearch orth~same code leading to ı1ıe'.understandmg ot the d1Vtne 'language., ,The Quest ofUıe;Hol~Ora1lbasbeepeın~loyed by man)" dSerent authors to 'qevelop ,their own, in~~_tat1ier than lead1ngtO a speclllcreliglOus i1lummatiori,aıtJıought the element$ and the . plot,of tl.ıeQuest wereclosely ~iatep.witl1. ~on.1bere are a variety ofcoCies in Uıe' O~narratives.,th~t ,are,expounded by
more » ... the authors. bo~me(itevaland n}odenı. ii\ tbe .progreSS .oftheOratl t . rad1UOn.'therenas1;ıeen an 'aceumuUıtion of vartQus elenients,
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