Y. V. Subba Rao
2020 International journal of research - granthaalayah  
Everything in the physical creation, including the human body, is composed of the five great natural elements called 'Panchabhutas'. These elements have originated in a particular order of 'akāsh' (ether) to the last element 'prithivi' (earth) and the birth as a human being, which is exceedingly rare, is thus born on earth with its matching fundamental frequency of the earth. As the existing literature is quite unclear regarding the human birth, death and beyond, it is attempted to show a
more » ... ted to show a plausible way connecting the dots of the process of birth, death, rebirth and liberation based on vibrations of frequency of mind, word, and deed. The final moments of death, step by step, where these pancha- bhutas are dissolved, in the reverse order of their formation, following the chakra system (wheels of energy) of Kundalini in a human being, similar to DNA, withdrawing the soul from the base (mulādhāra) upwards. Subtle bodies (sookshma sarira) and soul have infinite possibilities for their onward journey at the moment of death go to the dimension that corresponds to how one lived one's life on Earth. The subtle body finds its dimension and level of frequency according to merits of purity of the subtle body derived by one's life's activities rise to higher lokas for enjoying the fruits of good actions or attain liberation or to be reborn. An enlightened soul attains liberation from bondage as in the case of Swāmi Vivekānanda, and also has the freedom to be born again or not.
doi:10.29121/granthaalayah.v8.i9.2020.1411 fatcat:mt5wsawtrrclxnka7kl5ejcboi