Experimental Study on Influence of Borehole Arrangement on Energy Conversion and Acoustic Characteristics of Coal-Like Material Sample

Chuanbo Hao, Zhiyuan Hou, Fukun Xiao, Gang Liu
2020 Shock and Vibration  
This paper examines the effects of borehole arrangement on the failure process of coal-like materials based on its energy conversion and acoustic characteristics from the perspectives of energy, AE energy, AE spectrum, and frequency band. Findings from the study revealed that the presence of borehole can significantly reduce the conversion ratio and growth rate of elastic energy during the loading of coal-like material sample and delay the release of internal energy of the sample. Also, it can
more » ... mple. Also, it can reduce the frequency band energy of the main frequency of acoustic emission signal but has little effect on the size and richness of the peak frequency of acoustic emission signal. The practice that makes drilling diameter and depth increase stepwise can minimize the elastic energy conversion ratio, the growth rate, and the main frequency band energy of acoustic emission signal of coal-like material sample and postpone the internal energy release of the sample to the greatest extent, so as to enrich the richness of the secondary frequency of acoustic emission signal. The results of this study have certain guiding significance for the layout of pressure relief boreholes in the production process of coal mines.
doi:10.1155/2020/4790587 fatcat:qjzl3ab5cbbtjgkkr6gdhefy4u