Bionic Ornithopter Owl (Stealth Flight)

G. Hemalatha, S. Arulgnanasundari, R. Prithviraj, D. Godwin Sam
2019 Zenodo  
The present world has been reached to a stage wherever most of the subtle and sensitive tasks square measure largely done by artificial hands. Drones, robots have been replaced the place of human with their uncompromised accuracy and efficiency. Regards this development the importance of study regarding robots or pilotless vehicles to perform sensitive works beneath human management may be a high demand of your time. We square measure concentrating on the aerial vehicles wish to integrate our
more » ... eas and works to develop a replacement kind of flight system to boost the management and manoeuvring talents of flying UAVs or drones. Our experiments will open a port for next generation flight development for drone applications. Our logic is nothing can fly efficient as the birds do. So copying from the flying behaviour of bird is possible to gain all the abilities like the bird. We developed a model that flaps its wings in fastened amplitude with variable frequencies. To do this we introduced a crank shaft mechanism to drive the wings. The model is high-powered by a 100watt dc motor with necessary case assemblies. Making it light weight was always a big challenge from the beginning. With this race we have a tendency to avoided extra decorations during this primary level. The dominant and manoeuvring has been done by a radio communication and bird like tail consequently. 3 channel radio communications is required to manage the flap frequency and tail combos. Flying upward, downward, left, right and 360 degree rolling is possible with this tail combination. We used micro servo motors for tail mechanism. The careful manner the model has been engineered and therefore the style limitation is illustrated during this thesis.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2609009 fatcat:qwyki7a7fjhhjlqjgydvdbn2bi