Analisis Sektor Basis dan Non Basis Terhadap Penyerapan Tenaga Kerja di Kabupaten Mojokerto Tahun 2003-2012

Hadi Syarifuddin, Retno Mustika, Dewi Fakultas Ekonomi, Kampus Unesa, Ketintang Surabaya
The development economic faces crucial problem, one of it is about manpower. To overcomes it, regulation of regional autonomy raised. Local government has to work hardly to increase their economic sectors in order to improve their labor absorption. The aims of this research was to determine economic sectors which become basic sector and non basic sector at Mojokerto Regency in period of 2003-2012, and to know it effect on labor absorption. Data used in this research were secondary data obtained
more » ... from Central Agency of Statistic. The analysed data used Location Question (LQ) and multi linier regression analysis with Ordinary Least Square (OLS) approach. Based on result of the research could be concluded that basic sector at Mojokerto regency are agriculture sector and processing industry, that affecting positively and significant on labor absorption. Non basic sector are mining and diggings; electricity sector, gas, and fresh water; manufacturing and construction sector; commerce sector, hotel and restaurant; transportation and communication; finance, lease and services company; and service sector. Non basis sector of services affected negatively and not significant on labor absorption. The author recommends commerce sector, hotel and restaurant to develop become basic sector.