Siksha Swaroopa KAR, Aravind Krishna SWAMY, Devesh TIWARI, Pramod Kumar JAIN
2018 Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering  
In recent years, the use of foamed bitumen technology along with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement is gaining popularity across the world. The mechanical response of foamed bitumen mixtures containing reclaimed asphalt pavement is significantly influenced by constituent material properties and aggregate gradation. This article presents results from a study where foamed bitumen mixtures conforming to Indian specifications were evaluated. For this purpose, foamed bitumen mixtures using a different
more » ... tage of reclaimed asphalt pavement and bitumens were prepared. Initially, the foaming characteristics of virgin bitumens were evaluated to optimize for optimum water content and foaming temperature. In the second stage, mixture design was conducted to optimize for foamed bitumen content in foamed bitumen mixtures containing a different percentage of reclaimed asphalt pavement. Finally, these foamed bitumen mixtures were evaluated for their mechanical properties. The results from this laboratory study indicated properties of foamed bitumen and foamed mixtures are significantly influenced by properties of bitumen, the quantity of bitumen, and reclaimed asphalt pavement. Among the different mixtures, a mixture containing 50% reclaimed asphalt pavement exhibited best results in resilient modulus and resistance to moisture damage tests. A mixture containing 80% reclaimed asphalt pavement also shows acceptable strength and resistance to water susceptibility. Thus, it is possible to design high-quality bituminous mixes using higher reclaimed asphalt pavement percentages, which meet the required volumetric and desired performance criteria.
doi:10.3846/bjrbe.2018.383 fatcat:hzvlmn6sb5e5bd3f4ybiaczk24