Brazilian Amazon Plants: An Overview of Chemical Composition and Biological Activity [chapter]

Reinaldo Martins Cunha Junior, Pâmella Buenos Aires Domingues, Rafael de Oliveira Ambrósio, Caio Augusto Freitas Martins, Jéssica Genoveva Boline Passarelli Capaz Pinto da Silva, Fabio Alessandro Pieri
2020 Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences [Working Title]  
Currently, the number of diseases has been increasing and reaching the population directly, and the deliberate use of drugs is creating resistance of pathogens in several drugs, a fact evidenced by the increased ineffectiveness of drugs and the persistence of infections in the body. Given this, it is necessary to search for new alternative drugs that can effectively promote effective therapy. It is possible to highlight, in Brazil, the diversity of the Amazonian flora, which has several species
more » ... has several species with considerable potential as a source of new molecules with identified biological activity. Thus, a literature review study was conducted in order to describe the applications of some Amazonian extracts and their chemical characteristics and biological activity. The Amazon rain forest has considerable diversity of plant species with biological properties that may be useful to public health. Further research is needed to identify new compounds with health benefits.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.91255 fatcat:2m7s34oax5fmnbdygdsgfwpo34