Article Raphignathoid mite fauna of fields and orchards of Marand (Northwestern Iran) with two new records from Iran and six new records for East Azerbaijan province

Reza Navaei-Bonab, Mohammad Bagheri, Elham Zarei
PERSIAN JOURNAL OF ACAROLOGY 57 Persian Journal of Acarology   unpublished
A study of the raphignathoid mite fauna of fields and orchards in Marand, Northwestern Iran, revealed two new species for the mite fauna of Iran, namely: Eustigmaeus ioaniensis Kapaxidi & Papadoulis, 1999 and Agistemus industani Gonzalez-Roodrigez, 1965 and six species for mites new for the fauna of East Azerbaijan province and eight species new for the mite fauna of Marand. Stigmaeidae with 13 species and Barbutiidae and Camerobiidae with one species each had the highest and the lowest number
more » ... f identified species, respectively. A key to the Iranian families and genera of Raphignathoidea are included.