Model checking coalitional games in shortage resource scenarios

Dario Della Monica, Margherita Napoli, Mimmo Parente
2013 Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science  
Verification of multi-agents systems (MAS) has been recently studied taking into account the need of expressing resource bounds. Several logics for specifying properties of MAS have been presented in quite a variety of scenarios with bounded resources. In this paper, we study a different formalism, called Priced Resource-Bounded Alternating-time Temporal Logic (PRBATL), whose main novelty consists in moving the notion of resources from a syntactic level (part of the formula) to a semantic one
more » ... to a semantic one (part of the model). This allows us to track the evolution of the resource availability along the computations and provides us with a formalisms capable to model a number of real-world scenarios. Two relevant aspects are the notion of global availability of the resources on the market, that are shared by the agents, and the notion of price of resources, depending on their availability. In a previous work of ours, an initial step towards this new formalism was introduced, along with an EXPTIME algorithm for the model checking problem. In this paper we better analyze the features of the proposed formalism, also in comparison with previous approaches. The main technical contribution is the proof of the EXPTIME-hardness of the the model checking problem for PRBATL, based on a reduction from the acceptance problem for Linearly-Bounded Alternating Turing Machines. In particular, since the problem has multiple parameters, we show two fixed-parameter reductions.
doi:10.4204/eptcs.119.20 fatcat:nuun2foyangd5b5y7k5c7ubo7i