Medico-Legal and Medico-Ethical

1904 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Nov. i9, i9p4-1] MIDI OOLEGs 4gCD PIOOE iT 1439 :nfriar d 4 i.peusi y,e which offie, he held for a year, when) upoaa,sateorig private practice in the town, he was elected gnoarym-aedical officer to theinstitutionandafterwards one of the trustees of its funds. This position h4e lpheld with.dignity, sill, and.widom for. forty-one years, w1when he finally, retired from the active staff to the great regret of his colleaguee, he was elected by the committee. hoporary cosnsltlng medical officer to
more » ... dical officer to the new Royal Laicater Infirmary as a mark of their esteem and an appreciation of his long and valued services. While a student he was elected the first scholar of the Manchester Royal School of Medicine, obtaining four medals. He was atmember of the. British Medical Association, and was President of the Lancashire and Cheshire Branch in i886. HIe was also an associate of Owens College, a fellow of the :Sanitary Institute and of the Archeological Association. He was Medical Officer of Health for the Borough of Lancaster and for the Rural District for many years. In October, i886, upon his retirement from practice, he was placed upon the Commission of the Peace for the County of Lancashire. He took the keenest interest in the building of the new Royal ILancaster Infirmary, and was a most, generous contributor to the building fund, its present completeness being in more ,ways than one being due to him. He married in x866 Lucy, daughter of the late Mr. Dawson of Aldeliffe Hall, Lancaster.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.2290.1439-b fatcat:cznxqoyumrcx3m45p6gl4pwcru