Rigid supersymmetric backgrounds of 3-dimensional Newton-Cartan supergravity

Gino Knodel, Pedro Lisbão, James T. Liu
2016 Journal of High Energy Physics  
Recently, a non-relativistic off-shell formulation of three dimensional Newton-Cartan supergravity was proposed as the c →∞ limit of three dimensional N=2 supergravity in arXiv:1505.02095. In the present paper we study supersymmetric backgrounds within this theory. Using integrability constraints for the non-relativistic Killing spinor equations, we explicitly construct all maximally supersymmetric solutions, which admit four supercharges. In addition to these solutions, there are 1/2-BPS
more » ... ons with reduced supersymmetry. We give explicit examples of such backgrounds and derive necessary conditions for backgrounds preserving two supercharges. Finally, we address how supersymmetric backgrounds of N=2 supergravity are connected to the solutions found here in the c →∞ limit.
doi:10.1007/jhep06(2016)028 fatcat:pbzhou7gyfhz5idhtuoozmlzs4