A New Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Sparse Coding

R.X. Wang, G.H. Peng, H.C. Zheng
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering   unpublished
The Bag-of-visual-words (BOVW) model discards image spatial information, and the computing cost is expensive on spatial pyramid matching(SPM) model. Due to sparse coding approach exhibit super performance in information retrieval, hence, we propose a new sparse coding image retrieval algorithm. Using 2 l norm replace 0 l norm in SPM vector quantization. The local information was incorporated into sparse term by local adapter. Sparse coding was transformed into least square convex optimization
more » ... oplem. Each block was encoded by the k nearest neighbor (KNN) approach, and the coding coefficients were integrated by the max pooling function. Each block required different weight according to the image itself information. Euclidean distance and the cosine theorem were combined with the similarity calculation. Our method is evaluated on the two datasets-Caltech-101 and Corel-1000. Comparing with the BOVW and SPM, the results are shown that the new approach greatly improves the image retrieval accuracy. Keywords-bag of visual words; spatial pyramid matching; sparse coding; image retrieval I.
doi:10.2991/aiie-15.2015.7 fatcat:b6ylz3oen5gnlctfseezvhot5a