The magnetosphere of the close accreting PMS binary V4046 Sgr

S. G. Gregory, V. R. Holzwarth, J.-F. Donati, G. A. J. Hussain, T. Montmerle, E. Alecian, S. H. P. Alencar, C. Argiroffi, M. Audard, J. Bouvier, F. Damiani, M. Güdel (+10 others)
2014 EPJ Web of Conferences  
V4046 Sagittarii AB is a close short-period classical T Tauri binary. It is a circularised and synchronised system accreting from a circumbinary disk. In 2009 it was observed as part of a coordinated program involving near-simultaneous spectropolarimetric observations with ESPaDOnS at the Canada-France-Hawai'i Telescope and high-resolution X-ray observations with XMM-Newton. Magnetic maps of each star were derived from Zeeman-Doppler imaging. After briefly highlighting the most significant
more » ... vational findings, we present a preliminary 3D model of the binary magnetosphere constructed from the magnetic maps using a newly developed binary magnetic field extrapolation code. The large-scale fields (the dipole components) of both stars are highly tilted with respect to their rotation axes, and their magnetic fields are linked.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20136408009 fatcat:nxghmkot2vdyhfm2oey7n2otki