A Cascade Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Controller for Vector Control System of PMSM

Hourao Luo, Hu Cheng, Jiong Wang
2015 Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation   unpublished
Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has been widely used in industrial fields. The conventional control method for vector control of PMSM is PID, which has some disadvantages such as large overshoot, bad robustness. In this paper, a cascade control strategy with three first-order linear active disturbance rejection controllers( LADRC) is proposed, which can achieve not only cascade control of speed and q-axis current but also decoupling of d-axis and qaxis current. In order to improve the
more » ... anti-disturbance ability, a load disturbance observer(LDO) is designed for model compensation. The simulation results show that, compared with PI controller , cascade LADRC method with model compensation has advantages of no overshoot, strong robustness and anti-disturbance ability. The mathematical model of PMSM and LADRC The mathematical model of PMSM .On the dq synchronous rotating frame of PMSM, the dynamic mathematical model of PMSM is shown as (1)-(3) [1]
doi:10.2991/icmra-15.2015.208 fatcat:tv6jsgrrf5bynjxbqq6fhvxfyq