Gefitinib Treatment for Pulmonary Sarcomatoid Carcinoma Driven by an EGFR Mutation: Two Cases

Ji-Yeon Kim, Yoojoo Lim, Eunyoung Lee, Mi So Kim, Dae-Won Lee, Tae Min Kim, Se-Hoon Lee
2013 Korean Journal of Medicine  
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the lung is defined as a group of poorly differentiated non-small cell carcinomas that contain a component of sarcoma or a sarcoma-like element. Most sarcomatoid carcinomas are known to have a poor prognosis. We describe a 45-year-old female never smoker and 49-year-old female never smoker with sarcomatoid carcinomas of the lung that expressed a specific EGFR mutation: microdeletion of exon 19. Their cancers progressed rapidly, despite appropriate conventional
more » ... ventional chemotherapy. After they took the EGFR-targeted agent gefitinib, there was a dramatic reduction in tumor size. Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the lung is a rare cancer whose pathogenesis is not well understood. According to these cases, the EGFR mutation could be a driver mutation and the potential therapeutic target of EGFR-targeted agents for sarcomatoid carcinoma in lung cancer patients, especially never smokers. ( Korean J Med 2013;84:446-451) 서 론 폐에 발생하는 육종양 암종(pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma) 은 비소세포암(NSCLC) 중에서도 매우 드문 조직유형이다. 이는 분화도가 나쁜 비소세포 폐암에 육종성 병변이 포함되 어 있을 때 진단할 수 있다[1]. 육종양 폐암은 전체 폐암 중 약 1-3% 정도의 빈도를 보인다고 알려져 있다[2]. 흡연과 연 관관계를 보이며, 남성이 여성에 비해 약 4배 정도 더 많은 빈도로 발생한다. 조직학적 아형(subtype)으로 pleomorphic carcinoma, spindle cell carcinoma, giant cell carcinoma, carcino-
doi:10.3904/kjm.2013.84.3.446 fatcat:lwns2gbdcrhqrievkfvesr5z2a