Semantic and phonological codes interact in single word production

Markus F. Damian, Randi C. Martin
1999 Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning, Memory and Cognition  
The relationship between semantic-syntactic and phonological levels in speaking was investigated using a picture naming procedure with simultaneously presented visual or auditory distractor words. Previous results with auditory distractors have been used to support the independent stage model (e.g., H. Schriefers, A. S. Meyer, & W. J. M. Levelt, 1990) whereas results with visual distractors have been used to support an interactive view (e.g., P. A. Starreveld & W. La Heij, 1996b) . Experiment 1
more » ... 96b) . Experiment 1 demonstrated that with auditory distractors semantic effects preceded phonological effects whereas the reverse pattern held for visual distractors. Experiment 2 indicated that the results for visual distractors followed the auditory pattern when distractor presentation time was limited. Experiment 3 demonstrated an interaction between phonological and semantic relatedness of distractors for auditory presentation, supporting an interactive account of lexical access in speaking.
doi:10.1037/0278-7393.25.2.345 fatcat:if3ic5ndonao3f43d5775dutci