The Effect of Corrective Exercises on the Range of Motion of the Hip Joints and the Result Obtained in the Deep Squat of FMS Test

Jolanta Oleksiak, Anna Sobianek, Maciej Janiszewski
2019 Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine  
Squat is a fundamental motor pattern in everyday activities, e.g. sitting or lifting objects from the ground. One of the reasons for the poor quality of the squat pattern lies in limited mobility. The study assessed the effects of one-off and 4-week squat correction based on the mobility system exercises. The study involved 40 people, divided into a test group (18 women, 2 men, ±24.6 years) and a control group (10 women, 10 men ±23.6 years). All participants have been subjected to three tests
more » ... ice: a deep squat test -according to the FMS™ concept, the Active Straight Leg Raise test and the "four" test. After the test, four corrective exercises were recommended and the study continued. The subjects from the test group performed the recommended exercises for 4 weeks, 3 times a week. The protocol was repeated for both groups after 4 weeks, according to the same methodology. For the ASLR test and the "four" test, a significant improvement was observed both after a single session and after a 4-week correction program. With the improvement of these ranges, the result in the deep squat test also improved. A statistically significant improvement in the result was obtained in 9 out of 40 people (22.5%) after a single measurement. As a result of a 4-week correction, the improvement of the squat occurred only after repeated correction. The use of corrective exercises in the hip joints may translate into an improvement in the squat pattern.
doi:10.18276/cej.2019.2-03 fatcat:ds3lh4ituvbtjhhnod6dxwvd24