Townsend's Improvements

1847 Scientific American  
NEW INVENTIONS. Improved llItH. Mr. Edward Harrison, a popular scientific Machinist of this city has recently perfected a mill of novel construction, for grmding corn and grain, and which appears likely to excel anything of the kind now in use, for a cheap .and portable mill especially. A full sized mill may be enclosed in a box two feet in length by one foot square, includipg a fanning apparatus for cleaning the grain and cooling the mill. The mill is conical, running on a horizontal axle, on
more » ... hich are alsu mounted two spiral fan-wheels, running in contrary directions, and the sharp blast of wind thereby produced,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04171847-236c fatcat:vbm4tm7y4na4dik7ue3eo3o4eq