Muscle fibres and cultured muscle cells express the B7.1/2-related inducible co-stimulatory molecule, ICOSL: implications for the pathogenesis of inflammatory myopathies

H. Wiendl, M. Mitsdoerffer, D. Schneider, A. Melms, H. Lochmuller, R. Hohlfeld, M. Weller
2003 Brain  
antigen-presenting capacity of muscle cells. Abbreviations: ICOS = inducible co-stimulator; ICOSL = inducible co-stimulator ligand; IFN = interferon; MHC = major histocompatibility complex; NCAM = neural cell adhesion molecule; PBMC = peripheral blood mononuclear cell; PCR = polymerase chain reaction; SAg = superantigen; TNF = tumour necrosis factor Brain 126(5) ã Guarantors of Brain 2003; all rights reserved
doi:10.1093/brain/awg114 pmid:12690043 fatcat:dmkeqboczvbi7eml3hjqnc6mbe