Optical coherent manipulation of polariton modes and of their radiative decay

I. Kudyk, T. Voss, I. Rückmann, J. Gutowski, S. Schumacher, F. Jahnke
2006 Physical Review B  
The coherent optical control of polariton modes is studied in time-resolved pulse-transmission experiments on a ZnSe/ ZnSSe heterostructure. Using a phase-locked pulse pair at low excitation intensity it is shown that the polariton modes, their quantum beat structure, and the radiative decay can be coherently manipulated. Calculations based on a microscopic polariton theory can explain the measured findings without the use of fit parameters. Additionally, the decay times of the coherent
more » ... tion, which depend on the involved polariton modes and their radiative decay, are extracted on the basis of a phenomenological model.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.73.235345 fatcat:dwwjf5o4mvdu3cw6sijnjnfvcy