Photovoltaics and Electrification in Agriculture [book]

Dear Colleagues, According to the United Nations sustainable objectives, agriculture is the single largest employer in the world, sustaining the livelihoods of 40 percent of the world's population, many of whom continue to live in poverty. Agriculture uses a large amount of water, which in turn requires a lot of energy to be transformed to the point where it can actually be used. Such energy is usually electric, which implies a great economic cost and also greenhouse gas emissions, since it is
more » ... sually of non-renewable origin. However, photovoltaic energy is a great opportunity to reduce both costs and emissions, even more so with the drop in prices that has occurred in recent years, reaching prices per watt of less than €0.5. In this new situation, numerous opportunities for the use of photovoltaic energy appear in agricultural applications. This Special Issue is focused on applications, uses, and research related to photovoltaic solar energy and agriculture, both in energy generation in rural areas for agricultural uses, and in its use, problems, and opportunities. Novel works related to new discoveries to known problems will be accepted, as well as analyses of opportunities and improvements in photovoltaic systems and elements used for agriculture.
doi:10.3390/books978-3-0365-3289-9 fatcat:3kvsg6dcg5fknnevl4nexzvmxa