Apoptosis-related genes expression in primary in vitro culture of human ovarian granulosa cells

Ievgeniia Kocherova, Katarzyna Stefańska, Rut Bryl, Joanna Perek, Wojciech Pieńkowski, Jana Zakova, Igor Crha, Pavel Ventruba, Paul Mozdziak, Michal Ješeta
2020 Medical Journal of Cell Biology  
AbstractOvarian granulosa cells (GCs) play a crucial role in oocyte maturation, creating a favorable microenvironment around the oocyte. Therefore, enhanced apoptosis and GCs loss may negatively affect the intra-follicular milieu and compromise the oocyte quality, reducing pregnancy chances. Based on the RT-qPCR method, the present research revealed the differential expression of apoptosis-related genes (BCL2, BAX, p53, CASP9) during the seven days of primary in vitro culture of GCs isolated
more » ... m patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. Individual gene expression changes may reflect the GCs survival and/or apoptotic status at different time points.Running title: Apoptosis-related genes expression in granulosa cells in vitro
doi:10.2478/acb-2020-0023 fatcat:slmrtazwvbh6xlttkb2pewmldq