Comparison of the Efficiency of Different Magnetization Strategies for a Variable Speed Induction Machine Drive

Giampaolo Torrisi, Sébastien Mariéthoz, Roy Smith, Manfred Morari
This paper introduces a novel experimental procedure to determine the power losses in variable speed induction motors. In the first part, a two-test procedure is designed to determine each contribution to the power losses in an electric drive, in particular the iron losses. These are identified on models from international standards, as a function of the operating conditions, and compared with standard empirical relations such as the Steinmetz equations. In the second part, the resulting models
more » ... are employed to compare different magnetization strategies for steady-state control purposes. The results show that accounting for advanced models is beneficial in reducing the machine power losses.
doi:10.3929/ethz-b-000111251 fatcat:a6zr2247kfhttcosn4xd7jkj2e