Effects of (Mo/W) Co-Doping on Bulk BSCCO Superconductor

2018 Cumhuriyet Science Journal  
The effect of Mo substituting and W doping on (BiPb) 2 W x Sr 2 Ca 3 Cu 4-y Mo y O 12+& system where x=0, y= 0; x = 0.1, y= 0.0, 0.03, 0.06, 0.09 and 0.12 have been investigated. The superconducting samples prepared by using conventional solid state reaction method. The calcination and sintering temperatures were obtained by using differential thermal analysis technique (TGA). In order to investigate crystal structure properties and determine the phase determination, X-ray powder diffraction
more » ... wder diffraction (XRD) measurements were performed. The XRD data showed that the Bi-(2223) phase transforms into the Bi-(2212) phase with increasing Mo substituting for Cu. The morphology properties of the samples determined with the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements. The effects of Mo and W substituted on BSCCO system; we have also performed electrical resistivity (R-T) in order to get critical temperatures. From electrical resistivity critical temperature and transition temperature width were both increased with the increasing of Mo content. The alternative current susceptibility measurement (AC) was performed to obtain critical transition temperature and study magnetic properties of the samples.
doi:10.17776/csj.382286 fatcat:25pw6xkc4bdh3mvujv7lqhvh2u