Optimizing a bi-objective location-allocation-inventory problem in a dual-channel supply chain network with stochastic demands

Aida Rezaei, Tina Shahedi, Amir Aghsami, Fariborz Jolai, Hamidreza Feili
2021 Reserche operationelle  
Integrating strategic and tactical decisions to location-allocation and green inventory planning by considering e-commerce features will pave the way for supply chain managers. Therefore, this study provides an effective framework for making decisions related to different levels of the dual-channel supply chain. We provide a bi-objective location-allocation-inventory optimization model to design a dual-channel, multi-level supply chain network. The main objectives of this study are to minimize
more » ... otal cost and environmental impacts while tactical and strategic decisions are integrated. Demand uncertainty is also addressed using stochastic modeling, and inventory procedure is the periodic review . We consider many features in inventory modeling that play a very important role, such as lead time, shortage, inflation, and quality of raw materials, to adapt the model to the real conditions. Since a dual-channel supply chain is becoming more important for sustainable economic development and resource recovery, we combine online and traditional sales channels to design a network. We generate five test problems and solve them by using the augmented ε-constraint method. Also, the Grasshopper optimization algorithm was applied to solve the model in a reasonable time for a large size problem. In order to provide managerial insights and investigate the sensitivity of variables and problem objectives with respect to parameters, sensitivity analysis was performed.
doi:10.1051/ro/2021141 fatcat:ahofr6grrbestjtvtschakrs3e