Effect of air Recirculation on Moisture Removal Efficiency in Combined Hydrolytic–Aerobic Rotary Bio-Drying Process

Khajon Somsai, Tusanee Tondee, Somrat Kerdsuwan, H.F. Abdul Amir, P.S. Khiew
2017 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Rotary bio-drying is the process to reduce moisture from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by using the heat from aerobic bio-degradation. This study aimed to investigate the effects of air recirculation on moisture removal efficiency in combined hydrolytic-aerobic rotary bio-drying process for drying high initial moisture content MSW, allowing satisfied moisture content to convert a waste into biofuel energy. The results from the laboratory scale experiments were indicated that increasing the
more » ... creasing the exhaust air recirculation ratio, more moisture increased in the end product. However, while the air recirculation ratio was equals or greater than 50 %, the moisture content of the end product was not significant different.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201710802007 fatcat:7tp26oqvrngkrik5gq3h5kmtfq