Sabah Atallah Khalifa Ali, Asmaa Mukaram
2020 International journal of research in social sciences and humanities  
1400 year earlier Prophet Muhammad, a messenger of Allah announces the advent of Islam, the second most popular religion over the world. Islam follows set of rules in regard to human rights and women specifically, who used to be enslaved and murdered by the pagans. Islam also, emphasizes on peace, coexistence with the other, the lenient treatment of parents and rewarding them kindly. Moreover, the continual familial relationships, praying, donating, and helping all needy people. In return there
more » ... are many prohibitions like killing without any justified reason, steeling, lying, gossiping, and committing adultery. Sin and punishment is the core of any divine religion, however, some of extremist representatives of Islam distorted its real image and misinterpreted the real meaning of this religion. As a result people all over the world obtained a very negative prejudice about it and the term Islamophobia coined to reflect this phenomenon. The Qur'an is the official book of Islam.
doi:10.37648/ijrssh.v10i01.034 fatcat:vw7hssob2bfcpl6w6pysl5ho6e