The Plant Ontology™Consortium and Plant Ontologies

The Plant Ontology Consortium
2002 Comparative and Functional Genomics  
The goal of the Plant Ontology™Consortium is to produce structured controlled vocabularies, arranged in ontologies, that can be applied to plant-based database information even as knowledge of the biology of the relevant plant taxa (e.g. development, anatomy, morphology, genomics, proteomics) is accumulating and changing. The collaborators of the Plant Ontology™Consortium (POC) represent a number of core participant database groups. The Plant Ontology™Consortium is expanding the paradigm of the
more » ... Gene Ontology™Consortium ( Various trait ontologies (agronomic traits, mutant phenotypes, phenotypes, traits, and QTL) and plant ontologies (plant development, anatomy [incl. morphology]) for several taxa (Arabidopsis, maize/corn/Zea mays and rice/Oryza) are under development. The products of the Plant Ontology™Consortium will be open-source.
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