Nietzsche's Shadow in Sons and Lovers by

Vesna Pejnović, D Lawrence
This paper analyses Friedrich Nietzsche's understanding of power as the will to power, of autonomy as self-becoming, and of dominance as self-overcoming. Wandering through the main thoughts of D. H. Lawrence's novel Sons and Lovers, this paper draws upon the main pillars of Nietzsche's philosophy and tries to ponder Nietzsche's understanding of power and his comprehension of any will to power. Nietzsche's understanding of the will to power is closely related to the process of the affirmation of
more » ... the affirmation of life, the struggle for the achievement of nobility of spirit, struggle for the achievement of becoming "poets of our lives" and for creating law for ourselves, and to a constant struggle with life for life itself. Lawrence portrays the same perspective through the eyes of an artist, abounding with philosophical and psychological connotations. Lawrence provides his readers with a Nietzschean perspective of free spirits who try to overcome themselves and to create their own law for self-dominance and dominance over the world.