Testing Gravitational Theories in the Field of the Earth with the SaToR-G Experiment

David Lucchesi, Luciano Anselmo, Massimo Bassan, Marco Lucente, Carmelo Magnafico, Carmen Pardini, Roberto Peron, Giuseppe Pucacco, Massimo Visco
2021 Universe  
A new satellite-based experiment in the field of gravitation, SaToR-G, is presented. It aims to compare the predictions of different theories of gravitation in the limit of weak-field and slow-motion. The ultimate goal of SaToR-G is searching for possible "new physics" beyond General Relativity, which represent the state-of-the-art of our current knowledge of gravitational physics. A key role in the above perspective is the theoretical and experimental framework that confines our work. To this
more » ... our work. To this end, we will exploit as much as possible the classical framework suggested by R.H. Dicke over fifty years ago.
doi:10.3390/universe7060192 fatcat:vjrgrdpdenebdbj74lmbxjzl5i