Multiple Ileal Atresia with total Colonic Atresia, A Case Report

Sarah Magdy Abdelmohsen, Osman MA
2017 Madridge Journal of Case Reports and Studies  
Introduction Intestinal atresia usually detected in the third trimester of pregnancy with different etiologies report by different authors. Case report We had a unique case of multiple ileal atresia, atresia associated with cardiac anomaly and dysmorphic features. Our case had genetic predispositions as she is the 3rd offspring of a consanguineous parent. The 2nd offspring was also a female and died due to neonatal intestinal obstruction. Histopathological examination of our case showed total
more » ... lon mucosal atrophy associated with absent ganglion cells and disappearance of myenteric plexus. So, we suggest a presence of association for colonic atresia and absent ganglion cells. Conclusion Is there a need to modify the usual classification of intestinal atresia? We recommend that early diagnosis and treatment is important to improve the prognosis in colonic atresia.
doi:10.18689/mjcrs-1000104 fatcat:2kbiw5pks5al7fzkfpbhwyhdli