Voltammetric determination of Rutin at Screen-Printed carbon disposable electrodes

Aline Oliveira-Roberth, Diego Santos, Diogo Cordeiro, Fernando Lino, Maria Bara, Eric Gil
2012 Open Chemistry  
AbstractRutin is a flavonoid commonly employed for many therapeutic purposes. Although the electroactive phenolic groups of rutin might be oxidized at low applied potential, the adsorption of oxidized species changes the electrode surface. As a consequence, the repeatability and reproducibility of the method decreases, which limits electroanalytical applications. This paper describes the use of disposable screen-printed electrodes as an alternative to improve the electrochemical quantification
more » ... f rutin in commercial and standard samples. The electrochemical behavior was consistent to what is observed using other carbon electrodes: an adsorption-involved step and a pH-dependent oxidation process. The replacement of the electrodes between the analyses ensured rapid analysis, good intermediate precision and repeatability. The proposed method was successfully applied to rutin determination in pharmaceutical samples of capsules, with the limit of quantification being 0.30 µM.
doi:10.2478/s11532-012-0093-3 fatcat:hzwms6gyinhp7m2ipg3gtiraii