Simulation Performance Analysis of an Air-type PVT Collector with Curved Baffles

Jong-Gwon Ahn, Ji-Suk Yu, Jin-Hee Kim, Jun-Tae Kim
2021 Journal of the Korean Solar Energy Society  
A photovoltaic thermal (PVT) collector uses solar energy efficiently to produce heat and electricity simultaneously. In particular, an air-type PVT collector has advantages over a water type collector because the latter is prone to fluid leakage and condensation problems. However, the performance of an air-type PVT collector is affected by design criteria such as the inner structure (baffle or fins) and fluid path. For this research, PV cell lines arranged alternately with empty lines and
more » ... absorbers were installed in the collecting space of a PVT collector. The absorber was utilized as a baffle to improve its thermal performance. In this study, an outdoor experiment of the PVT collector was conducted. Furthermore, the experimental and simulation results were compared. In addition, the annual thermal and electrical performance of the PVT were evaluated based on TRNSYS modeling.
doi:10.7836/kses.2021.41.4.027 fatcat:to2d6cev4jhkzbpp3jj3bcixwy