International Journal of Education and Science Research Review KHWAJA AHMAD ABBAS AS LEGEND MANIN INDIAN SOCIETY

Kumar Subodh, Upadhyay
2017 unpublished
Great grandson of the great Urdu poet and social reformer Khwaja Altaf Husain "Hali" poet laureate from the historic town of Panipat, Haryana, Abbas was born in 1914. He indicates the year of his birth and relationship with the poet in his usual pithy and humorous style thus in his autobiography: "I was born in 1914. My great ancestor was so disgusted by the looks of his of his newborn descendant that he died shortly afterwards." On his father"s insistence Ahmad Abbas agreed to take the law
more » ... to take the law degree on one condition: he would not pursue a career in law under any circumstances. KEY WORDS: Realism, Social Man, Man of human life He lives on in the minds and hearts of millions of people all over the world who have perused and relished his newspaper columns, read his books, seen his feature and documentary films, exulted at his film dialogues and marveled at his skill of film script and dialogue writing and his dramas.