Special Issue On Economic Growth in Oman amidst Oil Crisis: A Diversified Strategic Approach ROLE OF WOMEN IN OMAN

Kasper Arockiasamy, Mary Santos
2017 Ahead International Journal of Recent Research Review   unpublished
The term 'women' has become the buzz word in the modern days. From kitchen to space is their marvelous growth. Their role right from the family to educational institutions, from society to management of corporate companies has been widely witnessed. Nothing can stop them from reaching heights in the world. Whether directing a flight, or travelling to space in a satellite, whether guiding and molding a child at home or managing thousands of employees in a corporate company, the women are no way
more » ... e women are no way less than their opposite gender. Oman is not an exception rather a conducive place which fosters the role and contribution of women in all walks of life. Under the able guidance and vision of His Majesty, the role of women has been recognized and appreciated which became a role model to many other countries in the gulf and world. The actual meaning of freedom is well understood and capitalized by the women folk in the country. They become qualified, eligible, and competent and some areas overtook their counterparts. Introduction In the early days of the world, women were considered to be inferior to men and almost all countries practiced the same. Women were not allowed to take part in any social, political or administrative role. Even the religious practices were made in such a way that women were in the lower order of the social strata. Religious principles and dogmas advised the submissive role of women folk. Women were regarded as a subject of men and they were taught to be under men. Most of the religions in the world advised women to be obedient, loyal and submissive to men in the male dominated society. Women as a child was under the control of the father, an adult under the control of her brothers, as a family member after marriage under the control of her husband and at old age under the supervision of children or even grandchildren.