Factors Influencing Employee Willingness to use Voice Mechanisms

Julie Platt, Richard Saundry
Employee Voice is crucial for harmonious and productive professional relationships within any working establishment. Awareness and effective use of voice can enhance business efficiency and the quality of work undertaken, but data in relation to employee perceptions of Voice is lacking. This work investigates how employee perceptions of Voice channels impact their willingness to use them through face-to-face interviews and use of secondary data sources. Eleven employees of X University Business
more » ... School were interviewed in a semi-structured format to obtain information on their personal experiences of Voice in the workplace. Interview transcriptions were used to conduct detailed content and thematic analysis on each interview to identify recurring themes and patterns. These themes were: organisational climate, leadership, managerial behaviours and attitudes, and power, authority, and communication. This study identified that the Unitarist cost saving approach of management resulted in a lack of empowerment, increased workloads, and reduced investment into the development of social capital. All factors influenced the Voice climate and were the driving forces in the inability of employees to want to use Voice mechanisms.