Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Image Sensor Using a Gate/Body-Tied P-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor-Type Photodetector for High-Speed Binary Operation

2018 Sensors and materials  
In this paper, we propose a CMOS image sensor that uses a gate/body-tied p-chnnel metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (PMOSFET)-type photodetector for highspeed binary operation. The sensitivity of the gate/body-tied PMOSFET-type photodetector is approximately six times that of the p-n junction photodetector for the same area. Thus, an active pixel sensor with a highly sensitive gate/body-tied PMOSFET-type photodetector is more appropriate for high-speed binary operation.
more » ... the CMOS image sensor for binary operation has the advantages of low power consumption and a simple circuit because an analogto-digital converter is not necessary. The proposed image sensor was fabricated and measured using a CMOS 0.35 μm conventional process.
doi:10.18494/sam.2018.1643 fatcat:24cqb7zhvjf43ma2w3zvgclc4a