Subsonic wing planform design using multidisciplinary optimization

Sean Wakayama, Ilan Kroo
1995 Journal of Aircraft  
This article presents basic results from wing planform optimization for minimum drag with constraints on structural weight and maximum lift. Analyses in each of these disciplines are developed and integrated to yield successful optimization of wing planform shape. Results demonstrate the importance of weight constraints, compressibility drag, maximum lift, and static aeroelasticity on wing shape, and the necessity of modeling these effects to achieve realistic optimized planforms. Nomenclature
more » ... orms. Nomenclature A , = rib boom cross-sectional area A c = area enclosed by structural box cross section A ,(. = rib web cross-sectional area b = span b, = stringer spacing C, = wing lift coefficient C,-,> "" C P = density P"M = structural material density g v = yield stress 4 = dihedral angle = coordinate direction perpendicular t o elastic axis
doi:10.2514/3.46786 fatcat:l7bv77e7xzanviy5kbgjsrfuam