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Texan C olum nist Conducts Course In P ro b a b ilitie s EiqRf Pages Today N o. 11 Appointees to Fill Unexpired Terms Until Fall Elections, October 15 Four member." by J . W ard Pouts expired terms un Th.-appointees Dallas, Ja c k Knight of Beeville, and I vt. • ; . St, i B ."bs .♦ F ran k Conley. Thomas Taylor, and Elizabeth S w ift who are not in sch< were app.tinted to the Ju d ic ia ry ('turned Thursday president of the Students' Assembly, to fill out un-1 October 15 when the fall election
more » ... ill be held, are Ja c k Hestilow of Gatesville, Charlie Mohrle of uise Conrad of Dallas, They May Set Record 9,480 N o w P a id ; Hours Subtracted A fter Frid ay fine ofif lo-*em tnis The Ju d ic ia ry Council is the judicial body of the Students' As sociation, They have original juris diction over election questions and it is this council that interprets the by-laws and regulations of the Stu d ent s' [Association. This makes eleven appointments that lo u ts has made this fall. Seven members were appointed to the Assembly on September 24,
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