Георгій Іванович Фінін
2020 The Bulletin of NLU Law Academy named Yaroslav the Wise The series of Philosophy Political Science and Sociology  
Problem setting. Educational practices are modernized both through external challenges and through internal requirements for their permanent renewal and self-renewal. Modernization of these practices is carried out comprehensively - as a unity of economic, socio-political and educational innovation processes. This involves the modernization of logistics of these practices and the humanitarian component of the educational process, using of new technologies, updating the content of education,
more » ... onal development of higher education and research and teaching staff. The modern system of Ukrainian military education is integrated with the state education system. Recent research and publications analysis. Humanitarian aspecst of modernazing of the educational system are represented by the works of Theodor W. Adorno, Hofe Otfrid, V. Andrushchenko, M. Boichenko, M. Kultayeva, Ye. M Manuilov., Yu. Yu Kalynovskyi and others. Scientists insist that there should be a single mechanism for the modernization of the national higher education system. Humanitarian aspects of the formation of national military education, the problems of its modernization and reformation are considered in the studies of such scholars as O. Panfilov, L. Petrova, Finin H. I. and others. Paper objective. The purpose of the article is a philosophical analysis and coverage of the main aspects of the humanitarian component of modernazing the educational system. Paper main body. An attempt is made to analyze the specifics of the humanitarian component of modernazing the educational system. Innovative development of education is a constant change, something new in the activities of higher education institutions, in the educational process - is an urgent need. The innovative development of education is determined by available resources that can be used to modernize it. The resource content does not always depend on positive factors. Moreover, in today's Ukraine, such negative factors as disrespect for human rights, corruption and mismanagement, civil strife [...]
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