Interpretation of Coulomb breakup ofNe31in terms of deformation

Ikuko Hamamoto
2010 Physical Review C  
The recent experimental data on Coulomb breakup of the nucleus ^31Ne are interpreted in terms of deformation. The measured large one-neutron removal cross-section indicates that the ground state of ^31Ne is either s- or p-halo. The data can be most easily interpreted as the spin of the ground state being 3/2^- coming from either the Nilsson level [330 1/2] or [321 3/2] depending on the neutron separation energy S_n. However, the possibility of 1/2^+ coming from [200 1/2] is not excluded. It is
more » ... uggested that if the large ambiguity in the measured value of S_n of ^31Ne, 0.29±1.64 MeV, can be reduced by an order of magnitude, say to be ±100 keV, one may get a clear picture of the spin-parity of the halo ground state.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.81.021304 fatcat:luqgkwwo5zczlnynvwzlkcdydi