Golden Hours: An Approach to Postnatal Stabilization and Improving Outcomes [chapter]

Omid Fathi, Roopali Bapat, Edward G. Shepherd, John Wells Logan
2018 Neonatal Medicine [Working Title]  
The "Golden Hour" model of care originated in adult trauma medicine. Recently, this concept has been applied to premature neonates and the care they receive immediately after birth. This is not limited to the first hour of life, however, as this approach encompasses the first hours and days after birth. While no universal description defines the Golden Hour model, critical domains include initial delivery room management, thermoregulation, ventilation and oxygenation, glycemic control and
more » ... tion of infection. Strong evidence favors standardization of care to improve short-and long-term outcomes. This approach to care for the most at-risk premature infant is typically institution-specific; thus, team-building and quality improvement are critical to the care of these vulnerable patients.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.82810 fatcat:2seyzucnpbajbc4g3yn6usfm2u