Growth and Characterization of Er$lt;sup$gt;3+$lt;/sup$gt;-doped Relaxor-based Ferroelectric Crystal PMNT

XIANG Jun-Tao, DU Peng, LUO Lai-Hui, FANG Yi-Quan, ZHAO Xue-Yang, HU Xu-Bo, CHEN Hong-Bing
2015 Journal of Inorganic Materials  
摘 要: 按照 0.71Pb(Mg 1/3 Nb 2/3 )O 3 -0.26PbTiO 3 -0.03Pb(Er 1/2 Nb 1/2 )O 3 化学式所示组分比例, 采用分步高温固相反应合 成出 Er 3+ 掺杂 PMNT 多晶, 通过熔体坩埚下降法生长出尺寸φ25 mm×100 mm 的 Er 3+ 掺杂 PMNT 晶体, Er 3+ 离子以 三元固溶体组元方式被掺杂进入钙钛矿相铁电体晶格; 测试了 Er 3+ 掺杂 PMNT 晶片的介电、压电与铁电性能以及 上转换发光性能。 结果表明, Er 3+ 掺杂 PMNT 晶体呈现跟三方相纯 PMNT 晶体相近的介电、 压电与铁电性能; 在 980 nm 激发光作用下, 该掺杂晶体呈现出 Er 3+ 离子特有的较强上转换荧光发射, 并且极化后掺杂晶体的上转换发光强度 得到增强。 关 键 词: Er Abstract: According to the molar ratio of 0.71Pb(Mg 1/3 Nb 2/3 )O 3 -0.26PbTiO 3 -0.03Pb(Er 1/2 Nb 1/2 )O 3 , Er 3+
more » ... d PMNT polycrystalline material was prepared by two-step solid-state synthesis at elevated temperature. Er 3+ -doped PMNT relaxor-based ferroelectric crystal with size of 25 mm × 100 mm was grown from the stoichiometric melts by vertical Bridgman method. In the ferroelectric crystal with perovskite structure, Er 3+ ions were doped into the crystal lattice via one composition of the ternary solid solution compound. The dielectric, piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties and up-conversion emission performance of Er 3+ -doped PMNT crystal wafers were investigated systematically. It is verified that Er 3+ -doped PMNT crystal presents the similar electrical properties to those of undoped PMNT crystal. Under the excitation of 980 nm, the crystal also exhibits a strong up-conversion fluorescence emission characteristic to Er 3+ ions doped in the medium, and the emission intensity will be enhanced after being poled.
doi:10.15541/jim20140278 fatcat:ubz7swkq7reo3az32g4oidhtma