A refutation procedure for proving satisfiability of constraint specifications on XML documents

Marisa Navarro, Fernando Orejas
In this paper we first present three sorts of constraints (positive, negative and conditional ones) to specify that certain patterns must be satisfied in a XML document. These constraints are built on boolean XPath patterns. We define a specification as a set of clauses whose literals are constraints.Then, to reason about these specifications, we study some sound rules which permit to infer, subsume or simplify clauses. The main goal is to design a refutation procedure (based on these rules) to
more » ... test if a given specification is satisfiable or not. We have formally proven the soundness of our procedure and we study the completeness and termination of the proposed method.
doi:10.29007/jfwc fatcat:wax44inyf5aejm4r2w5ittn3ha