Dynamical SUSY breaking at meta-stable minima from D-branes at obstructed geometries

Sebastián Franco, Angel M Uranga
2006 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We study the existence of long-lived meta-stable supersymmetry breaking vacua in gauge theories with massless quarks, upon the addition of extra massive flavors. A simple realization is provided by a modified version of SQCD with N_f,0 < N_c massless flavors, N_f,1 massive flavors and additional singlet chiral fields. This theory has local meta-stable minima separated from a runaway behavior at infinity by a potential barrier. We find further examples of such meta-stable minima in flavored
more » ... ons of quiver gauge theories on fractional branes at singularities with obstructed complex deformations, and study the case of the dP_1 theory in detail. Finally, we provide an explicit String Theory construction of such theories. The additional flavors arise from D7-branes on non-compact 4-cycles of the singularity, for which we find a new efficient description using dimer techniques.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2006/06/031 fatcat:537krwqze5cofecjrj7tid4szm