N-TiO2-x Nanocatalysts: PLAL Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity

Enza Fazio, Angela Maria Mezzasalma, Luisa D'Urso, Salvatore Spadaro, Francesco Barreca, Giovanni Gallo, Fortunato Neri, Giuseppe Compagnini
2020 Journal of Nanomaterials  
N-TiO2-x nanocatalysts are developed by the pulsed laser ablation in liquid (PLAL) technique, a simple and surfactant-free preparation method. The PLAL approach allows synthesizing chemical-morphological fine-tuning water TiO2-based nanomaterials, starting from targets of different nature (powders and commercial high purity targets). The catalytic activity was investigated using methylene blue (cationic dye) and methyl orange (azo dye). A different photocatalytic response was found for the
more » ... us kinds of N-TiO2-x. In the first 20 min, under UV and visible light, about 50% and 10% of the methyl orange were removed using the N-TiO2-x and TiO2 colloids, respectively. In addition, we observe that the response towards the methylene blue is comparable in all the synthesized samples under UV irradiation while differing by about 30% under a visible lamp. The enhanced photocatalytic response of the N-TiO2-x nanocatalysts with respect to the TiO2 one is dependent on the content of the nitrogen dopant, surface area, and nitrogen-oxygen bonding configurations.
doi:10.1155/2020/2901516 fatcat:iljpzumaonhgrop5memungb7aa